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Protecting yourself online in the virtual world is not just optional anymore. With mass attacks on networks of computers worldwide, the ways of hacking into your digital life have evolved over the years. Viruses and the attacks have become more revenue oriented that has made these attacks even more dangerous. To surf anonymously and peacefully on the internet, VPNs are recommended. But a VPN can’t protect you by itself.

It can only give you some privacy. Combine that with the Kaspersky Antivirus and you have the perfect combination which will keep you safe online. To help you along with any problems you might face with the product, the Kaspersky Customer Service team has provided some resources below.

Some of the common issues faced by the users of this software are:

Not only can the mentioned ones, this software organize every possible thing related to accounts in itself. The users can try taking help from the QuickBooks customer care where the skilled and certified team of experts provide an absolute solution.

Virus Scan is Slow/takes too long

The Virus scan is an intensive and comprehensive process that scans your device thoroughly to detect and remove any harmful programs or file. In order to keep your device safe, the full scan can be long sometimes. You can run a quick scan which scans the potentially harmful areas in your primary hard disk partition.

However, if you still feel the scan is abnormally time consuming, you can try to minimize or close other applications running in the background. According to the Kaspersky Helpdesk Number experts, this will free up some memory and will help the scan go along smoothly. Please note that the virus scan uses some parts of the memory on the device. Thus, the performance of the scan may vary from device to device.

Features turned off automatically on Android

The high-caliber protection of the Kaspersky antivirus suite can be experienced across all of you smart devices and Android phones seamlessly. Although, there have been reports regarding Web surfing protection turning itself off automatically on the Android Devices.

There are no discovered bugs with this feature of the software. Thus, the most probable culprit could be the incompatibility with the inner workings of your phone, most likely the power use optimization feature. This feature may sometime hamper the performance of the software. The Kaspersky Tech Help team recommends excluding the software from the optimization list and rebooting the device. The problem should be resolved. Also, check if the Application is enabled as a Device Administrator in the Security settings.

Kaspersky Installation hangs Midway

Kaspersky Antivirus comes both in a CD installer package as well as a Digital package that you can buy and download online. Sometimes due to problems with internet connectivity or system conflicts, the downloaded installer might get corrupted. Sometimes, the installer package is not downloaded completely.

In such cases, the installer might abruptly stop or hang after making small progress. To resolve this, the Kaspersky Expert help team recommends ending the process using the Task Manager. Clear cache files and cookies and remove any conflicting software from the device. After doing that, reboot the device and begin the reinstallation package by downloading the full installer package file from the website. The installation still might take some time on some computers but the process should go along smoothly.

Kaspersky Problem with Key registration

The users may face some problems when registering the software with the activation key. The reported error message may show “invalid key entered” or “incompatible software”. The activation process fails to go on and the subscription remains inactive.

The registration problem might be faced by several people depending on things such as the integrity of the key, the software version or the installer file. To solve this, download the correct installer file from the official website, type in the right activation code and download the software version that is compatible with the key you’ve bought. If the problem persists, you can get help from the Kaspersky toll-free helpline number. Our team will be happy to help you resolve the issue at hand.

Virus Removal not working

If you notice sudden changes in the way your device is behaving such as lags, long time taken during the startup, performance issues etc., this might be due to a virus infestation or a conflict with any other software. And if the virus scan isn’t able to scan and remove infected files and programs, the threat database may be out of date.

To resolve this issues, simply update the software, reboot the system and start another scan. For any other related problems, you can contact our experts on the Kaspersky technical number.

To make it easier for our users around the world, our knowledge resources are available in different local languages such as Spanish, German, French and many more. For reporting false positives, we have a different section in our user forum dedicated to this. The Kaspersky customer care number and the Kaspersky Tech help team behind will be able to provide you with problem resolutions and specific premium services using secure remote connections. With our software, your digital presence is safe and secure.

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