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With the evolution of Information Technology, the way an individual interacts with the virtual world has changed. Over the years, the online footprint of any entity has increased massively due to the internet becoming affordable and reaching remote areas. Thus, having a virtual presence is more of a necessity now than it was about a decade ago. And that fact holds true for an individual or a business organization. And with this virtual presence come the added risk of Cyber-threats which have also evolved and increased over the years.

Keeping that in mind, Avast Security has pioneered innovation in Digital security. The Avast Customer service team has been built over the years to secure your interface with the virtual world. Here are some resources to help you resolve any issues you might have.

Your email address is the basis of the account you create with our security software. It is the center point for you to control your account and manage the devices associated with that account. Thus, your email address is crucial when it comes to managing your Avast Security account.

We do understand when our users want to change email addresses associated with their accounts. Although changing your email addresses is a detailed process. Thus to make it easier for our consumers, we have the Avast technical helpline number. Our experts at the Avast Tech help team will guide you through the process of changing your email address and linking your devices to that account.

Some of the common issues faced by the users of this software are:

Not only are these but there are many more problems encountered by the users of this software. You can always try to fix some issues at your end with the help of troubleshooting steps. They are easy to perform and can be tried at any time of the day.

The Device scan is unresponsive/has stopped abruptly

In this error, a running scan stops midway and doesn’t progress further and the user is not able to end the task. This is a common error which is encountered by a lot of software users as the performance of a software depends upon the resources and capabilities of the device. Sometimes when the CPU is overloaded or if there is some protection on a file, the scan may stop abruptly. To solve that, you can end the process through the task manager and restart the scan.

Close any other applications before starting the scan to make the process go along smoother. When ending the process, click on end now after the warning flashes on the screen saying the process is unresponsive. If this doesn’t help, go to the process tab and end the uiWinMgr.exe process and restart the computer. After the reboot, restart the scan and it should finish. If it doesn’t, the Avast Tech help team will assist you further with the problem. You can also refer to our knowledge resource page for guides and steps.

High CPU Usage resulting in Slowdown

The virus scan process is intensive and it scans your device thoroughly. In order to do that, the software and the core process requires a certain range and threshold of memory. If the memory usage doesn’t come back from the higher threshold, there might be some internal conflict with the software. Usually, it is from other conflicting software that hampers the core service performance.

In these cases, uninstalling the conflicting software resolves the problem. You can remove the program from the control panel or use the run command to open up the list of programs. Choose the program you want to remove, wait for the uninstallation process to finish and then reboot your device. If the problem persists, you can contact support via the Avast helpdesk number.

Invalid Serial number Avast Contact Phone Number

When a user tries to enter a serial number in the validation popup box, an error message is displayed saying the serial number the user has entered is invalid. This can happen due to multiple reasons such as an invalid serial number, incompatible software version downloaded from the website or an incomplete installer package downloaded from the internet. To solve this issue, the Avast Tech help experts recommend troubleshooting steps such as:

• Rechecking the serial number once again for typographical errors.

• Downloading the installer package once again and restart the installation process.

• Downloading the software version compatible with the serial number. The details can be found on the package of the software.

If the error message is still being shown, the problem might be complicated. No need to worry as you can contact tech support via the Avast toll-free number and get assistance with the resolution.

Customer Support Avast Customer Support Help

We generally advise our users to not reveal any financial or personal info on questionable calls and non-verified websites. Always use the Avast Customer Care number listed on the website and never allow remote access to anyone else other than a verified expert from the Avast support team. Our users can report such fake calls to the helpline numbers or make other users aware of the problem by writing about it in our online forum.

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