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Whenever a virus attack or a malware infestation breaks out in the cyber world, the number of computers it’s going to affect ranges in millions. A large amount of sensitive data is stolen or lost in these attacks. The call for a broad spectrum program rooting out this behavior has been made but not a lot programs have the same level of protection. But, since the advent of the cloud, that has changed. With more and more Antivirus programs gravitating towards Cloud Computing, McAfee Antivirus has taken it a bit further. The antivirus creates an environment for all of its users and keeps them protected as an entire protected community. Our McAfee Customer Service team is always standing by to help. Here are some frequently occurring problems and their solution to help you out.

How do I report False Positives?

Let us explain first how and why false positives happen. The prime goal of your antivirus software is to keep your digital life safe and your system protected. That’s why the antivirus program takes a proactive approach when it comes to scanning for malware programs or suspicious websites. Sometimes due to questionable behavior of a credible website, the algorithm of the program might detect it as suspicious and block it. Similar events happen with software as well.

People can report these false positives to the McAfee customer care number team. The false positives should ideally be reported to the team using the submission form given on the support page. Remember to describe in details the versions of Windows software you are using along with the McAfee version installed in the device.

The Community feature is not loading

This is a common error observed in a lot of McAfee Users. The problem is that when people go to open the community feature of the software, the program either remains frozen or displays an error message.

The reasons for the occurrence of this problem are related to either the software itself or the supporting framework of the operating system. Using Java in the interface, it is crucial for the software to work efficiently. Java gets updated continuously and sometimes, the update process might hinder with the software from a starting. This can be corrected by closing out the interface from the system tray and then restarting it using the desktop shortcut. If nothing else works, you can contact us using the McAfee Helpdesk number.

Problems regarding shredding/deleting a file

When a user goes to delete a file permanently using the antivirus, the file is deleted permanently from the system. This is very helpful in deleting infected files from the system. But in some cases, there is a problem when it comes to deleting the file. Error messages such as “you don’t have permission to access the file” or “check if the agent is online” might be displayed by the software.

The McAfee tech help team recommendschecking whether the agent and the application process is up and running or not. To do that, you have to access the performance tab or users tab which shows all the processes currently running on the system. There, you have to search for the antivirus agent. If it’s there, it’s running and in that case, a simple restart of the program should do the trick. If the agent is not running, then do a quick reboot of the system and the problem should be resolved.

Problems regarding installation/upgrade

General installation errors include the system tray stuck after a certain progress, some features not working properly or an error message is displayed constantly. Most of the times, a reinstall solves this problem. Just remove the program from the OS and reinstall it. After installation, update the program and do a reboot of the system. This should take care of any installation issues.

Sometimes during upgrades, the software fails to advance to a newer version. This happens either due to a conflict with another software or lack of permission for accessing system files. The users are advised to run the program under the administrator mode and remove any conflicting software for the time being. Otherwise, call the McAfee Technical helpline number and report your problem. The McAfee Customer Service team will be happy to assist you.

McAfee Contact Support Number For Technical Issues

The community level protection of our antivirus is an out of the box idea which gives the entire community of users the protection from newly detected threats. This user ecosystem gives the consumers the peace of mind they are looking for. The cloud computing backend continuously scans and analyzes for newer threats and the McAfee expert help team releases updates for the same.

Our team of experts consists of qualified professionals with a deep of the products and is experienced in problem resolution. Our Customer support and exceptional software are the reason our users have rated the antivirus highly.

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