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Online protection software needs to evolve beyond the traditional approach of protection. Since the advent of the smartphone and affordable data plans, the virtual presence of people worldwide has doubled over the past five years. With this added level of connectivity, there are some downsides associated with it. Attacks on personal computers and connected devices have increased and the attack methods have evolved with the evolution of technology. That’s why Norton Antivirus has introduced a software suite for protecting your online presence and securing your virtual life. The Norton customer service team advice you to contact the helpline if you need any assistance. Here are some resources to help you in the meantime.

The Norton Tech help team constantly rolls out updates to the software package for ensuring that the software functions smoothly and the user remains protected. When it comes to updates, there are two versions that are released which are:

1. Virus Definition Updates

2. Software package Updates

In the virus definition updates, the threat database of the software is updated which helps the user remain protected from the latest virus and malware threats. These updates are rolled out on a regular basis and the users are recommended to update their software on a regular basis. Software package updates are the new changes and modification done to the software to introduce new features.

When it comes to virus updates, the recommended settings ensure that the virus database is updated regularly and automatically. There is an option for you to update the software annually. When it comes to software package updates, they are not compulsory to update but they are recommended by the Norton helpdesk number team. There’s another internet update tool via which users can carry out updates if they wish to keep track of the update process.

Installation help with Linus and Mac OS

A majority amount of users that use the Norton antivirus software are Windows users. Although, if you are running a Mac OS or the Linus OS on your device, then don’t worry as Norton has got you covered.

There are two ways of going about installing the antivirus software on your Linux or Mac device which is:

1. Via Remote Installation

2. Via a local installation script

In a remote installation, there needs to be a main password for the operating system with an SSH server installed and running on the device. For a Linux environment, additional elements can be installed if needed. From the Norton administrator, you need to enable the client and under the overview tab, you can install the client for either the Linus or Mac OS environment.

For installation via a local installation script, there are values that need to be defined separately for both a Linux and a Mac client. The Norton Customer Care team recommend you contact the Norton toll-free helplinenumber for any assistance required during the installation process.

The software is inactive after the update

The seamless protection of the Norton security software is seamless when it comes to smart devices or Personal computers. After an update to the Operating System, it has been reported by some users that the client becomes inactive and the device protection is halted.

This happens usually during the upgrade process as the device might get deleted from the list of registered platforms for that specific user. For this, a reinstall can work wonders. First, remove the antivirus suite from your device. After that, reinstall the software, reboot the device and activate your license by entering the subscription code. You might be asked to register the new device. If there are any doubts, contact us via the Norton technical number mentioned on our website.

Virus scan is not working/stops abruptly

The virus scan process carried out by the software is resource-dependent and requires a minimum amount of CPU memory to function smoothly. The software shuffles between high and low CPU usage to balance the performance factor. However, the virus scan can hang midway if the CPU memory is already utilized by background processes and programs. The Norton Expert help team advises closing any programs running in the background for preventing crashes and high CPU usage.

Due to the aggressive stance of the Norton antivirus program, the software has been rated highly by the users when it comes to malware detection. Our cloud resources are meticulously on the lookout for new reported threats that occur every day. We examine the feedback received from our users and we analyze the reports to take further actions on the matter. We specialize in protection from all sorts of ransomware attacks and with Norton Tech help at your service, the software experience has been rated highly by our users.

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