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The internet has made the world more connected to different resources. But this connectivity is a double-edged sword that also has a flipside. We all know that having an online presence is beneficial and sought after by everyone. And this very online presence makes people vulnerable to malware attacks and online identity frauds. To cope with such advanced attacks, the Antivirus programs have to take a proactive approach towards protection and that is exactly what the Quick Heel Antivirus program does. Fitted with advanced protection features such as Heuristic learning and rollbacks, this software is powerful. To help you get the best out of the Software and solve any problems, The Quick Heel Customer Service team recommends these knowledge resources.

How to boost my startup time?

When you buy a new device, it generally doesn’t take that much time to boot up completely. After some time has passed, the device might take longer than usual. If this doesn’t happen on a regular basis, this might be a onetime thing. Although, if it happens regularly, you might be looking at a virus infestation problem.

Some virus files try to embed themselves in the startup processes to run themselves automatically when the device boots up. This might be the reason for the slow boot up of your device. To solve this problem, the Quick Heel helpline number team recommends using the registry fix tool in the antivirus program. With this tool, you can delete the startup information for these infected files and prevent them from running during startup.

Quick Heel Frequently getting false positives

The Quick Heel antivirus suite takes an aggressive and proactive approach when it comes to protecting your device. The rigorous scans and the algorithm meticulously scan for suspicious behavior. And due to this aggressive approach, the software may detect some false positives from time to time. You can report these false positive via the Quick Heel Technical help resources.

You can report such errors post about it on the support forums where our administrators will take a look at it. You can also email us using the address provided on the support page of our website. We analyze such reports and release updates to the software if needed. Thus, remember to update your antivirus software regularly.

Missing tools in the start menu

Some Trojan viruses attack your connectivity while others attack your functionality. Creating functional errors hamper the user experience and can be very frustrating. These Trojan viruses may start affecting system buttons in the start menu such as the turn off option, the search option, the run option etc.

To get rid of these errors, the antivirus comes equipped with tools to help you. Go to the registry fix tools and under the several commands that are listed, there is a command to get these options back in the start menu. After the options return, do a reboot and everything should be back to normal. If the problem persists, you can contact the Quick Heel toll-free number to get assistance from our technical team.

Having problems in the earlier versions of WindowsOS

There are some reported bugs in the software used in the earlier versions of the Windows OS such as Windows 7. The users have reported bugs such as the Antivirus software not loading and there’s just a white space on the desktop. Although, there are no problems when it comes to opening the settings menu.

There are a few reasons why this might be happening. The software uses the Flash platform and if the framework is not up to date, there might be some problems when it comes to starting the software from the system tray. Thus, update the flash framework or reinstall the flash software by downloading the latest version. For any other help related to this issue, you can contact us via the Quick Heel Customer care number mentioned on the website.

Quick Heel Heavy CPU usage

A newer version of the antivirus software was released recently and the early adopters of this software have reported some issues when it comes to CPU usage. The high usage tends to slow down the device and affect its performance. The antivirus software might conflict with other software present on the device. This might hamper the software and result in High CPU usage.

To prevent this, uninstall any conflicting programs present in your system and reboot the device. You can also get professional help and remote assistance from the Quick Heel Tech help team. The support team can be contacted via the forums as well as the Quick Heel technical number.

The robust design of the software helps you regulate the security conditions of your device. We secure your digital ecosystem and weed out malware attacks effectively. The Quick Heel Customer Care is always there to help and recommend you update the software regularly and report any bugs on the support page.

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